1. Who am I? Nothing

    More than an apparition,

    Drifting through time.


  2. For whom does the bell

    Toll? When naught is all but ash,

    Who will pray for me?


  3. In summer I hear

    Cicadas under my sill

    Deafening to me.


  4. The summer drags on

    Like the sound of cicadas,

    Endlessly droning.


  5. Little cicada,

    Perhaps you should look elsewhere

    For the one you seek.


  6. Where did the dreams go?

    The sound of shattering glass,

    And all is silent.


  7. The coming of rain,

    Clouds that hang low on the cliffs,

    Beautiful mountains.


  8. Mist in the valley,

    Green mountains rising skyward

    Wreathed in waterfalls.


  9. Leaves with hints of red,

    The sounds of ducks on the wind;

    Summer is ending.


  10. Endless is the sky,

    Grants eternity in death,

    Boundless dreams in life.

    Humans spreading broken wings,

    Try to reach that distant sky.


  11. Tainted desires,

    Have blocked us from the free sky.

    Will we find release?

    Someday humans may find it,

    The fading dream Shangri-la.


  12. How he eludes me,

    The heron by the river;

    Always out of reach.


  13. Boughs lined with crimson,

    Dance in the brisk autumn air.

    Scattered by the wind.


  14. A blur in the trees.

    Quickly fleeing from my sight.

    Monkey with my bag!


  15. Tucked among rice fields,

    My school above all others;

    This is Central High.


  16. The duck on the pond,

    A solitary figure,

    Like me waiting here.


  17. For you I am here,

    Sharing your dreams of autumn

    Amidst falling leaves.


  18. Will you leave me here,

    With only the swirl of leaves

    To mark your passing?


  19. Even though leaves will

    Renounce their hold on the world,

    Don’t leave me behind.


  20. Leaves caught in a stream,

    Float without destination,

    Swirled by the currents.


  21. A drop of color,

    A single chrysanthemum,

    Against the drab sky.


  22. There are many paths

    Leading through light and shadow.

    Which will you travel?


  23. Though we may stray off

    The beaten path, sooner or

    Later, we’ll return.


  24. Would that I become

    A leaf caught within eddies;

    No hope of escape.


  25. In the beginning,

    There are infinite choices,

    Stretching to the sky.


  26. If butterflies have

    Such a limited lifespan,

    Why is it that they

    "Continue to strive for the

    Vast and boundless azure sky?


  27. I think perhaps that

    Butterflies too feel joyful

    Just being alive.


  28. How is it that one

    Can speak words of such poison,

    Yet smile calmly?


  29. What do you really

    Think behind those grinning eyes?

    Smiles are facades.


  30. For me I would wish,

    To be in a place where I

    Can smile freely.


  31. Without realizing,

    Crimson leaves have given way

    To empty gray skies.


  32. So cold and yet the

    Sky remains bare with nary

    A hint of snowfall.


  33. Puppy in the rain,

    Who are you waiting for with

    That heartrending gaze?


  34. Here they spring from cliffs,

    Amid the abundant green.

    Graceful waterfalls.


  35. Why does depression

    Seem to grow as the colors

    Of sakura fade?


  36. Mankind’s greatest fear,

    Is that there is no meaning

    In their existence.


  37. Would a dragon come,

    Wreathed in crimson flame to burn

    Away my boredom.


  38. Whether your worth is

    Appreciated or not

    Remains up to you.


  39. A strong belief in

    Numbers will blind one to the

    Grim reality.


  40. Speak but naught your mind;

    Standing at the edge of time,

    Watching with veiled eyes.


  41. The slow moon’s descent,

    Mirrored by my sinking heart,

    Into a vast sea.


  42. Lounging at my desk,

    Counting the clouds in the sky,

    A day in summer.


  43. Like glimmering stars,

    The snow is falling gently,

    Covering the earth.


  44. Pleasing everyone,

    Only results in pleasing

    No person at all.


  45. The last hints of red

    Disappear into the long

    Darkness of winter.


  46. Lights in the distance,

    Bring back memories of home,

    Beyond the vast sea.


  47. The hot sultry wind,

    The cheers of youth in the field,

    Baseball in summer.


  48. Reaching for the sky,

    Dashing toward victory,

    Dream of Koshien.


  49. On the summer field,

    Innocently chasing dreams,

    There’s no turning back,

    Grasping your hand let’s fly down;

    Shining line of youth.


  50. Obscured by the mist,

    A boat drifts through crying skies,

    Halfway to nowhere.


  51. Amidst dreary stone,

    Like flowers blurred in the rain,

    Rows of umbrellas.


  52. Embraced by the water,

    Whispering faintly I hear,

    My name in the rain.